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Independence Day 2016 - Happy 4th Of July

Fortitude of Freedom

There are millions of reasons why I choose to stand for the heritage of this great nation.  The millions who call America their home reflect the souls of past and present partakers in the American identity.

There are also thousands of reasons I believe it is my obligation as a citizen to be vigilant and ever watchful of the path our society may travel. Those reasons are reflected in each sacrificial soul pleading that we stay on freedom’s course for the betterment of our citizenry.

I choose to be an example of what I believe our forefathers have intended.  One reason I choose this path is so that my family and community may not forget the meaning of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Other reasons include sharing with those who may not understand that freedom comes with a price; and every generation must learn to sacrifice their time, efforts, and even their lives to ensure America stands.

Your reasons may be similar or somewhat different than mine, but I assure you that if you call yourself an American that the root of your reasons should be grounded within the same foundations as our forefathers.  You must understand that so many have gone before you just so you can wake up in a free land that abounds in hope and opportunity. 

I would charge you today to reflect on these things and to urge you to exhibit your fortitude for freedom’s sake so that others may see your example and likewise follow.

With all the fanfare, fireworks, and festivities, let us not forget the meaning of it all.  America is great because we as Americans have made it so. Therefore, cherish and enjoy those you love, and reflect on our heritage as you watch the bombs bursting in air.

The celebration of liberty as an American is something I hold very sacred to my heart. I trust that it is true for you as well.


For Liberty,

Stephen D. Powell
Patriot Outdoors, President