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Memorial Day 2016

My fellow Americans, this Memorial Day we should be reminded of those courageous souls who willingly sacrificed all they had for the cause of freedom and the security of this great nation. Light a candle, visit a memorial, raise and salute our flag, say a prayer for the families of our fallen and do all of that with a heart of honor and gratitude.

I urge you this weekend to not only demonstrate your appreciation for the dead, but also to communicate that to your children, your neighbors and those in your community so that they too may have a better understanding of this holiday and our great heritage.

These days are trying and troublesome. It is imperative more than ever that we remain vigilant for the cause of Liberty as did those who fell before us. We should also keep our dignity and respect for others all the while remaining steadfast in our resolve for our faith and freedoms. Finally, I request that we show mercy to the broken hearted, the wounded in body and spirit. Comfort and console those who are in need. The battlefield is ever changing for our warriors both at home and abroad. By us showing grace to our fellow man we are providing healing which is a necessity in so many ways throughout our nation. Thank you again for staying in touch with us and we wish you all the best this weekend and may God Bless you and your family and this great nation.

For Liberty,

Stephen D. Powell