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Legal Requirements

All students must be a United States Citizen, (Exception: there will be no training conducted for any Non US citizen without the discretion, prior approval and appropriate documentation of the potential Non US Citizen student). Who has the ability to legally possess and train with a firearm on our facility in the State of New Mexico or at any range location where as Patriot Outdoors is conducting business outside the state of New Mexico.  

All Students must be of age to possess and or carry a firearm at the time of the course unless they are supervised by their parent or legal guardian.

All Minor shooters will not be allowed on the range facility without parent signature and escort to and from the ranges/classrooms.

All applicable local, state and federal laws will be adhered to during all courses within or without the physical presence of our instructors.

All students, shooters, customers agree to not be under the influence of any alcohol, opiate based medicines, illegal drugs, medical or recreational marijuana while in attendance at any Patriot Outdoors or Patriot Outdoors Academy events, courses, lectures or operations.