Welcome to patriot outdoors academy - CAGE CODE: 5R4V6 /// DUNS: 829606834

General Course Requirements

  1. We recommend bringing a firearm that has been reliably manufactured (top ten manufacturers) with a good reputation. A hard working, efficient and reliable firearm with steel sights or night sights is preferred. Single Stack Shooters bring a minimum of four to six magazines and for double stack shooters a minimum of three, more is always better.
    1. Carbine Courses- Carbine, 4-6 magazines, pouches, strap and optic optional
    2. Shotgun Courses- Shotgun, Sling, rifled sights preferred, side saddle
    3. Precision Rifle – Bolt or SA Rifle, Scope, manual, appropriate ammo (see your course description, notepad, pen, range finder, load or bullet data
  2. A secure belt (leather or heavy nylon), strong side hip holster for most range work. We do not allow shoulder holsters, bra holsters or crossdraw holsters, without prior approval of the on site instructor. (For other holsters not mentioned check with your instructor prior to arrival)
  3. Eye Protection Dark and or clear lensed glasses
  4. Ear Protection earplugs or ear muffs (electronics are helpful)
  5. Basic First Aid, Insect Repellant and Sunscreen
  6. Weather appropriate clothing, this is the southwest and the weather may change without much warning, so be prepared. If you are taking a class that will go start early in the morning or go well into the evening the temperatures may drop or climb 20-30 degrees sometimes within an hour or so we recommend the following:
    1. Lined Jacket or Rain Gear or Both depending on season
    2. Rugged pants no shorts, this isn’t gym practice
    3. Long sleeved shirt preferred maybe a Fleece or Sweatshirt
    4. No Open toed shoes on the range, wear good fitting comfortable shoes you can move in all day.
    5. Ball Cap with Brim (for the sun and to deflect brass
    6. Men and especially ladies, no low cut shirts on the range, brass will typically go wear you may not want it!
  7. For Lowlight Courses please bring a flashlight (100 Lumens or Better) with pressure switch. Weapon lights for carbines and pistols are acceptable also, the more lumens the better, make sure the controls work for your efficiency.


If you can’t find the gear you already bought or it doesn’t work or you don’t have it, we can assist you at our pro shop, call up the shop and we’ll hook you up...