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What else does Patriot Outdoors Academy offer?

We are in the defensive training industry and provide crucial and relevant training to thousands sine 2004.

We have a host of instructors from all walks of the industry with the expertise necessary to disseminate the right intellect and attitude to help you succeed. We also provide official training for DOD/SOF, LE agencies and thousands of armed citizens.

Offering a wide range of clinics and courses that range from the most novice shooter to the advanced operator. We host training and events from various nationally recognized organizations to bring the best of what the shooting industry has to offer. We also travel remotely to offer our training nationwide.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer group rates, military discounts to our courses.

What is the age requirements for your courses?
Minimum of 18 years and younger can NOT fire a handgun without being accompanied by an adult. 19 years or older can shoot any firearm within reason. A parent or guardian must sign for a minor.

Do I have to apply to take a class at the Academy?
Yes & No.  We would request you fill out your student application for a host of reasons. One, so we can better assess your shooting abilities and needs. Two, We would love to file your classes to track your progress, such as any other educational institution.  This will guide everyone involved as to your progression and what you may be wanting or needing next in your shooting development.

Do I have to bring my own firearm to training?
We would love for you to have your own firearm for the course, however, if you just don’t have one with you, we would be happy to supply you with one during your courses. If you are bringing your own make sure it is made from a very reliable manufacturer; we build shooters here so, be ready to shoot! We want you to evolve your skills.

How much ammunition am I going to need for class?
Ammunition needs are dependent on each class, please see our course descriptions

How secure is your website with my information?

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. The Credit Card Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Contact Information in our checkout process are required in order to process your order and deliver the product to you. We store some information for accounting reasons. Your information will not be shown to third parties not involved in the transaction, nor used to send you any unrequested information. The entire Checkout process is handled through a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

The Credit Card Billing Information is sent directly to our payment provider who processes your credit card transaction. The credit card information is neither recorded nor stored by us, and it can only be accessed by our payment provider. Each transaction has a very high level of security. Your credit card details are sent directly to the payment provider over a secure SSL-encrypted connection. They are not processed on our servers at any stage of the transaction, nor are they stored on our server.

How will I know if my course is still open during inclement weather?

Our social media is the easiest way to keep up to date of whats happening by the hour. If you are signed up for our course our instructors will be in direct contact with you to inform you step by step.

Our Refund Policy:

Due to limited class capacity and our commitments to instructors, Patriot Outdoors Academy does not offer a refund on training or instructional courses if you are unable to attend. You may cancel or move to a different class if you will kindly contact us by phone or e-mail to info@patriotoutdoors.com at least (7) Days in advance of your scheduled course. 

Cancellations via phone or in person will not be honored.  In case of a cancellation, you will receive a credit that can be applied toward any future courses. We would urge you to keep your commitment to training and evolve your skills, if you do not feel that you need the training, you probably need the training.

Your registration in a course may be transferred to another if that person meets all prerequisites and is otherwise qualified to take the course, provided you give us at least 72 hours notice by e-mail with the contact name, e-mail and phone number for your substitute. We still would urge you to attend your course, we would rather you run your gun not run your mouth about your gun..

Cancellation by Us: 

Some courses require a minimum number of students. If you register for a course with a minimum and that number of students have not registered by the end of the day which is 48hrs prior to the course, Patriot Outdoors Academy reserves the right to cancel the course and refund your registration fee. There may be occasions when an instructor is not available to teach the course and an alternate instructor is not available requiring rescheduling of the course. In such cases, you will receive message, e-mail and or phone notification. If you are unable to attend the course on the rescheduled date, we will refund your registration fee upon written e-mail request received at least 7 days prior to the rescheduled course date. For the record we run classes rain or shine, hot or cold, we are committed to training in any environment.