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Competitive Shooting At Patriot Outdoors

As you may know, Patriot Outdoors hosts a number of monthly competitive shooting matches.  On the second Saturday of every month, portions of Patriot Outdoors become like a scene from the wild west when the local Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) club, Angels and Outlaws,  come out and shoots their match.  If you’ve never been to a SASS match, you have missed out on life.  On top of the shooting, all shooters must wear clothing authentic to the 19th century as well as use firearms customarily seen and used from that time.  If you ever find yourself out here on the same weekend as the SASS shooters, you will all but be guaranteed of at least three things: you will have an enjoyable time watching, you will be greeted by some of the friendliest folks around, and you’ll leave wanting to come back and be a part.

On the third Saturday of every month, we host the Patriot Action Shooters USPSA match.  Patriot Outdoors is an affiliated club with USPSA.  If you’ve never heard of USPSA before, USPSA stands for the United States Practical Shooting Association.  USPSA is one of the largest competitive shooting organizations in the United States, boasting an active membership roll of 23,747 members as of December 31, 2014 with 411 active clubs all across the U.S.  Last year, 115,415 classifier scores were submitted by clubs.  

USPSA is a great way to come out and shoot and do some things that you normally don’t get the opportunity to do on the range.  This month’s match included everything from climbing stairs and shooting over barricades to shooting at a moving target from the prone position to shooting a no-shoot target setup (hostage style situation) with only three inches of the target visible at 15 yards.  Beyond the practical shooting, we try to put things in the match that make it more enjoyable.  For example, on one stage this month, before engaging their targets, every shooter had to throw a throwing knife at a target.  One of the shooters who made the knife stick in the target ended up walking away with an HK pocket knife.  If you enjoy shooting handguns, you should come out and give USPSA a try.  I think you’ll get hooked.

If you enjoy shooting competitively, whether using wheel guns and lever action rifles or modern handguns and AR-15s, there is a place for you here at Patriot Outdoors.