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Double Tap Ranch Championship 2015

This last weekend some of us here at Patriot Outdoors who are active in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) had the privilege to attend the Double Tap Ranch Championship, a national event held every year in Wichita Falls, Texas. I'll have to say that I and the others who went along were very pleased in going despite the untimely weather conditions.  Over the course of the weekend shooters (approximately 400 in all) had to shoot a series of stages that were tactically designed and implemented to challenge each competitor to ensure he or she was reading the stage properly.  The end goal is to have a high hit factor overall which is a combination of speed and accuracy.  Some competitors had the privilege of shooting on dry stages, until Saturday and Sunday when most had to negotiate the aftermath of 4inches of rain and mud. Oh, the young buck in the picture would be my oldest son William Powell, aka Iron Will, he's a great up and coming shooter in this sport.



It was great to meet shooters from all over the country and even the Caribbean.  Some of the fast and famous shooters were there as well. I had the privilege to meet and chat with Gabby Franco, Olympian and Top Shot shooter, which by the way, she is a most friendly and welcoming lady.  We are attempting to coordinate schedules with her so that she can host a women's event with us in the future.











Anyway, we all had a blast on Squad 22, it was a pleasure to shoot with our new found, competitive friends and we look forward to seeing them all again next year.  By the way, if you would ever like to learn more about USPSA or try it out, we have a match right here at Patriot Outdoors, on the third Saturday of every month. Please stay tuned with us as often as you can to see what's happening next out here.  We are here for you, your family and America.  Until next time....