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Max Michel Competitive Training Weekend

We had an amazing time hosting Max Michel, five time World Speed Shooting Champion and eight time USPSA National Champion this past weekend.  Last fall Max and I met through our connection with Sig Sauer Academy and started a conversation to host his Advanced Competitive Shooting Course here at Patriot Outdoors.  We are so glad he could make it.  His teaching style and personality created a wonderful learning environment as well as how he handles his classroom and range time.  Max is such a personable guy; he expresses his passion of the sport with everything that he relates to his students.  We had a great group of students ranging from all over the state.   A cool bunch of people and a wide variety of shooters,  basic to advanced, law enforcement instructors with a tactical mindset to competition shooters and everyone in between.  My son William and I were privileged to attend as well and we were very glad we did.  Max handled all of us quite well and made the instruction easy to understand.  Each student shot close to 1300 rounds over the two days of training and Max pushed everyone out of their comfort zone never forgetting we all had to digest the new concepts and tactics of the game.  The class went over very well and I believe all of the students had a great time with much learned.

 The weekend ended with our monthly match which consisted of 5 different stages, designed by Max and just under 50 shooters attending.  The match went off without a hitch and it was great to see some of our competitors come in from Hobbs, Amarillo, Lubbock, Roswell and other surrounding areas.  Stay in touch with us via Facebook and website www.patriotoutdoors.com to see who's coming next.  Don't forget if you are in the area we host our monthly USPSA match every third weekend of the month typically on Saturdays.  Be sure to browse Max's website for training and events at www.maxmichel.com

Hopefully, next year we can have him back.  Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you out here next time.