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New York, New York....

I traveled to New York City to show my support for my good friends of Madison Rising. If you don't know, they are one of the coolest Patriotic Rock Bands out there and most likely the only band that I know that performs with as much passion and desire than any to promote true American Values.  It is because of our shared passions and Esprit de Corps, that Patriot Outdoors aligns itself with people such as them.
Stephen Powell on Fox NewsDuring my short time there I was able to meet some amazing Americans from all walks of life, each with a history of their own, but all standing in alliance for the cause of freedom and liberty for all.  The function that brought us all together was the "Defend Freedom Tour" by Mr. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans of America. I met with many of the coordinators the evening prior to the show.  One stop I made that evening was to the Sirius XM studios to meet with David Webb of Patriot Radio.  Sirius XM David Webb of Patriot RadioMadison Rising was due to be on radio to talk about America, the Defend Freedom Tour and a new found partner in the cause the “Young Marines”, a great organization strengthening the lives of American youth. Mike Kessler, retired Marine Corps veteran and the National Executive Director of the Young Marines spoke on air about their mission for helping our youth. It was an honor to meet him and his staff that evening as well as speak with Mr. David Webb of Sirius, a very cool guy.
Madison Rising Defend Freedom TourThe next morning the Defend Freedom Tour kicked off at Fox News Studios. The concert and rally was not only inspirational but heart felt. Listening to Mrs. Karen Vaughn, a Mother of a fallen SEAL, speak of her faith and hopes in our country left an impression on me and I found myself sharing in her pain. I felt motivated by her story and her desire for our nation to return to its roots. Others I was privileged to meet behind the scenes in the Green Room at Fox, was none other than Sean Parnell, Army Ranger veteran, and author of “Outlaw Platoon” and Jason RedmanJason Redman, Navy SEAL veteran, and author of “The Trident”.  It was quite humorous to me as we sat and talked about the days events, I had no idea who else was supposed to be there to speak nor did they know who I was.  I am just a good friend of the band and help where I can with whatever I can. When I finally understood who was sitting around the couches with me, I was quite humbled and honored to have such great yet small conversation with these great patriots.
TAyla Brown Defend Freedom Tourhe music was just as great! I enjoyed listening to the warm spirited voice of the lovely Ayla Brown Country Music ArtistAyla Brown, a rising country artist with an inspiring and natural sound, who hales from Massachusetts and lives in Nashville. Then my good friends Dave, AJ, Sam and Tom of Madison Rising performing with a raw, in your face and unashamed American boldness that reached the crowd and the masses of the streets of New York City. 
I'll tell you the show was a success, I was able to meet some of the Fox & Friends news cast and some other interesting people in the studios along the way and even made it on the big screen a couple of times throughout the concert.  Howie Mandell stopped in to show some support for the show as well. I’m always very grateful when celebrities take time to endorse something so important. Then it was over, grabbed a cab and headed to JFK.  I’m looking forward to seeing the boys in the band again, but more importantly helping the Concerned Veterans of America and their campaign.  If you believe in the spirit of their campaign please do what you can and support their cause.. And while you're at it, listen to some of the cool country sounds of Ayla Brown, who you might be seeing in New Mexico in the near future..  Until Next time... Stay true America.. We Need You!
P.S.  Oh, and I got to meet Howie Mandell and Rudy Giuliani (no pictures please, he said.)