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Self Defense Training Recap and More

Hey Everyone, I know this is late posting but here it goes....

We had a really good time in our Self Defense Combatives Weekend. We had a decent turn out and it was truly great to have one of my instructors Andrew Clough from Boondock Survival help organize the training.  I also wanted to throw a big shout out to some of my fellow CKM Instructors Finale and Tony, who traveled from NYC and Texas to assist in our training.

Our students who participated were learning Commando Krav Maga, which is a great way to understand basic self defense, in a no nonsense, very basic movement format to help encourage easier learning and employment of the skills.  The class format started with balance and movement, evolving into strikes, defenses, handgun and knife disarms.  We had a variety of student experience from many walks of life, and with that being said, all were very pleased with their progression and enjoyed their time with us.  We are working on our schedules to make sure we keep the training coming and most likely have Andrew and others come assist again.  Keep your eyes on our Social Media and our web page to stay abreast of the next events and we'll look forward to seeing you out here soon.