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Patriot Action Shooters - USPSA at Patriot Outdoors March 2015 Recap

Hey everyone.  We had a great weekend at Patriot Outdoors with our monthly USPSA shoot.  Thanks to everyone who came out and shot and a special thanks to those who helped with set-up.  Before I get into some of the specifics of the match, I'd like to give a shout-out to Ace Boles.  Ace has been an integral part of getting our USPSA club up and running and in helping make this club as successful as it is.  Ace just recently made Grand Master, which means that he is shooting above the 95th percentile of all shooters in the United States in his division.  Congrats man!

We had 27 shooters this weekend, with one competitor shooting in two divisions.  These folks came from the Clovis area, Amarillo, Lubbock, Hobbs, and beyond.  Over the course of about four and a half hours, the competitors collectively shot over 4,000 rounds.  We ran six stages, which required the shooters to do everything from starting a stage seated in a chair with their legs propped up to running down corridors to shooting the Texas Star, a target that consists of five steel plates, each at the point of a star which, when shot, causes the star to rotate.  There were some pretty cool pictures and videos taken by competitors and staff alike, with some unique aerial footage thanks to Elliot Fite and his drone.  Keep an eye out for some cool pictures and videos to be coming out on Facebook soon.

The overall winner of the match was Jim Bodkin, a Grand Master shooter in the Limited 10 Division.  Second place went to Ace Boles and third to Josh Reid.  A link to the complete results of the match can be found on the Patriot Action Shooters Facebook page. 

 On top of our regularly scheduled USPSA pistol match this month, we also held a side match.  The side match was a two-gun competition in which the four of the six USPSA pistol stages were combined into two large stages.  Shooters were required to utilize both a semi-automatic rifle and handgun to complete each stage.  The winner of the side match was Keane Brown.  

If you have never shot a USPSA match, you should come out on the 3rd Saturday of any given month and shoot one with us.  It only costs $15.00 to shoot a match, or just $5.00 if you help with set-up.  When you shoot, not only will you get some good trigger time, but you'll also meet folks who are as passionate about firearms as you and you'll make some good friends.  

Make sure that you check us out on Facebook at Patriot Outdoors and Patriot Action Shooters for more pictures and videos.