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Great Weekend In Texas

Hey, Did you know that we are teaching at other locations than just our own? We had the privilege last weekend to help our fellow Texans get some defensive training at Lubbock Shooting Complex.  We were invited to come out and start offering regular classes at their location.  What an honor and a privilege.  The first two classes went amazingly well.  Great people, great weather and location.  Their management of the range was outstanding and the support we received was professional.  We offered a defensive handgun I and defensive carbine I class.  The students' experience varied from the new shooter to experienced military and active law enforcement. Despite the various in abilities of each shooter; we were able to push and pull on their abilities to ensure each shooter was not only pushed out their comfort zone but also able to achieve a higher rate of overall success. 

A common statement comes up in training "We don't realize how much we don't know!" Which we respond with something along the lines with "that's why we are here or we are typically not as good as we think we are under pressure." Here's another thought, everyone has a trade, whether you cook, clean or teach, work on vehicles or whatever it is you do well. The reason is because you do it all the time right? So, our job is to help you create a new trade (i.e. defending your life or your loved ones) and ensure you are creating correct continuous repetitions to develop proper neuroplasticity (muscle memory).  So, How do you train? We are looking forward to being back in Texas next month for some more training.  God Bless & Godspeed