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Women's Defend & Empower Course

Women's DEFEND & EMPOWER Course

$449.95 In Full or payment options available (see drop down)

Saturday & Sunday Oct 9th & 10th

8am - 5pm both days

Location will be disclosed upon sign up...

No woman wants to become a victim and NO Woman should be one! 

This TWO DAY EVENT is for women just like you; women who want to learn practical and yet very unconventional ways to defend yourself and to empower you to never be a victim ever Or again!

Learn how to recognize and overcome the common attacks that women face: 

  • At Your HOME
  • Around SOCIETY


  • Proper "Defensive" Mindset to handle an attack
  • Understand the Predators Mind
  • Who is an Opportunistic Criminal?
  • How to win being Unarmed
  • Edged Weapon Usage
  • Concealed Carry Techniques 
  • Armed applications
  • Getting to Your Pistol
  • Weapons Handling
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions that work
  • Ground Work Movement


This course has been successful to so many women and we now how have the opportunity to offer it here in the Phoenix Valley. Both days will be a full 8hr day with a break for lunch.  Sign Up ASAP, there are only 24 women who will be able to attend. We will also have snacks and drinks available included for the course, if you have dietary restrictions please let us know.

Due to the exclusivity of this course you will be given instructions for location of both the studio and the range facilities we will be utilizing for this event.


Come hear from one of our own students who survived to tell her story!


Michael Donvito is no stranger to us by any stretch of the imagination. He's been working with us since 2014.

Michael is a martial artist with 32+ years of experience. He has earned 10 black belts during that time, most notably a 5th Degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Carlos Machado.

While building his experience in martial arts, Michael expanded his expertise in close combat and related subject matter. For the last 22+ years, Michael has dedicated himself to training the US military.

The majority of this time has been serving the US Special Forces and Special Tactics communities.  He has been the primary close combat Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Special Forces Qualifications “Q” Course and the Special Tactics Training Squadron. 

He currently works with Patriot Outdoors, The Redeployed, Skallywag Tactical, and other companies to further serve and train those who need it most.

Stephen Powell, a 25+ year armed professional instructor teaching thousands of students nationwide. His "no ego" approach and easy to understand gun craft concepts will help you make that shot creating a great environment for success! He will be assisting Mike hands on for Day 1, and will be leading the firearms training for day 2. Click his bio in the link.


Day 1 : 

  • Open Mind and Teachable Spirit
  • water & snacks
  • comfortable workout clothes
  • note taking supplies

Day 2

  • reliable midsized handgun
  • holster & mag pouch
  • 200rds of ammunition (4 boxes or more)
  • eye and ear protection
  • elbow and knee pads (optional) 
  • long sleeve shirt (no low cut shirts) / long pants closed toe shoes
  • brimmed hat
  • water & snacks

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