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Concealed Handgun I

Concealed Handgun Licensure (CHL)


This fifteen (15) hour course is required by the State of New Mexico prior to making an application for a Concealed Handgun License.  This class is designed for all levels of shooters, and is designed to build confidence in yourself, your handgun abilities, and how the law pertains to you.  It will expose, educate, and equip you with the relevant knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to handle potential emerging threats. Each instructor trains constantly and keeps current with the latest knowledge, skills, and techniques to ensure that their students are getting a well-rounded view of firearm proficiency and the proper attitude necessary for concealed carry.



Subjects covered in this class include:

  • Firearm safety, inspection, storage, and maintenance
  • Different types of firearms and their operation
  • Safety practices while carrying a concealed weapon
  • Alternative concealed carry techniques
  • Defensive handgun marksmanship fundamentals and concepts
  • Defensive handgun live fire and qualifications
  • Close quarters shooting techniques for violent encounters
  • Ambidextrous shooting techniques
  • Utilization of cover and concealment
  • Threat assessment & avoidance
  • Situational awareness and defensive mindset
  • Physiological and psychological aspects of an armed conflict
  • Nonviolent dispute resolution
  • Escalation and de-escalation of force
  • Federal, state, and local firearms laws
  • Reciprocity: other states that honor our license

Required gear:

  • Proper US identification (NM DL or ID, DOD ID)
  • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto, revolver, and/or derringer)
  • 2-3 Magazines (speed loaders are helpful)
  • 100-200 rounds of ammunition (25 rounds per qualifying firearm minimum)
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • A proper holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters without prior approval)


Optional gear:

  • Magazine pouch
  • Knee and/or elbow pads
  • Water Bottle, Bladder or other
  • Extra ammunition and magazines

    Cost: $99.95

    Length: 15 hours

    Times: Day 1- 6:00pm; Day 2- 9:00am

    (Includes 12 hours of instruction, 3 hours of range time, a concealed carry guide, notary service, and assistance filling out the state application. The student will receive a certificate of completion upon demonstration of competency at the conclusion of this course through email.)


    Additional services available:

    We can re-certify you for your 2 year refresher or 4 year renewal. The cost for either is 75.00 + tax. This will take place on the 2nd day of each concealed carry course at 1:00pm.



    We have attempted to provide the best sites for accurate information however gun laws are constantly changing so it is the reader’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of all information with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

    New Mexico Department of Public Safety

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