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About Us


It all started out on a paper towel in Houston, Texas at a Mexican restaurant.  The idea was to offer a small shooting range for the area, and several years later we completed our business plan to include all types of firearms training and a 6000 sq. ft. retail store with classrooms and loft.  We decided that it would be more of a family environment if we included a 20 acre paintball complex and an indoor rock climbing gym.  We serve thousands of customers and have trained civilians, military, and law enforcement from around the world.  We want people to truly "Experience Freedom Outdoors.” The road was difficult and grueling but we are so thankful to be here and help everyone we meet.

Over the years, we have evolved our offerings and streamlined our services to ensure the focus of the business resonates its passion which is education. Training thousands of various armed professionals and civilians in many aspects of shooting speaks volumes to the success and viability of our company. We encourage you to join the ranks of many who have evolved their skills and maximized their shooting abilities for better success and survivability!


To provide our clients with access to professional firearms & self defense training and education in a safe and respectful environment; one which promotes dynamic challenges and personal growth opportunities for our clients.

We Enable our students to train in an environment dedicated to their success and mastery of those fundamental defensive skills necessary to guarantee the safety of their unit and the overall mission.

We Learn from, and understand the needs of our students so that we may create specialized training that assures the realization of their goals.

We continue our service as ambassadors of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and the Security of these United States.