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Functional Shotgun

Functional Shotgun


Shotguns can be used for many different functions including sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense.  This class is for those new shotgun owners who have had no prior formal firearms training and want to establish a solid foundation in the fundamentals.

Whether you are wanting to just learn your way around a pump or semi auto shotgun for recreation or defense this course will ground you in the concepts and realities of manipulating your scattergun. Our positively motivated instructors will help you exceed your own expectations with your gun and your shooting success.


Subjects covered in this class include:


  • Shotgun Safety
  • Gun Parts & Pieces
  • Loading & Reloading
  • Functions and Fundamentals 
  • Malfunctions & More
  • Semi Auto & Pumps
  • Securing Your BoomStick
  • Which Shot to use BirdShot, BuckShot & Slugs


Required gear:


  • Serviceable shotgun
  • 50 rounds of birdshot
  • 10 rounds of 00 buckshot
  • 5 rounds of slug
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • A sidesaddle or “sock” for holding extra shotgun rounds


Optional gear:


  • Magazine pouch
  • Knee and/or elbow pads
  • Water
  • Additional ammunition

    Cost: $149.95

    Length: 5-6 hrs


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