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Vehicles & Ballistics

Vehicles and Ballistics

The average American spends 4.3 years of their life in a car.   This class will teach you the best tactics to use a vehicle to your advantage in a defensive situation.  It will explore the myths of utilizing a vehicle for cover and the best ways to deal with an armed encounter from inside, outside, and around a vehicle. After completion of this class, you will understand how to take full tactical advantage of a vehicle, demonstrate proper use of the firearm inside the vehicle, and ballistic effectiveness on vehicles.  

Subjects covered in this class include:

    • Utilizing a vehicle for cover and concealment and engaging a hostile target from cover.
    • Safe and proper drawing and handling of the handgun inside a vehicle.
    • Shooting from inside your vehicle
    • Ambidextrous shooting techniques
    • Exiting your vehicle under fire
  • Various Shooting positions from outside of the vehicle to allow maximum control of the area.

    Required gear:

    • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto and/or revolver)
    • 2-3 Magazines (speed loaders are helpful)
    • Ear and eye protection
    • 250 Rounds of ammunition
    • Weather appropriate clothing
    • A proper holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters without prior approval)


    Optional gear:

  • Magazine pouch
  • Knee and/or elbow pads
  • Water bottle, bladder or other
  • Extra ammunition and magazines

    Cost: $224.95

    Length: 5-6 hrs

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