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Defensive Carbine III

Defensive Carbine III

The purpose of this course is to develop the necessary skills to utilize a rifle in a tactical environment. This is the pinnacle of our carbine courses whether you are in Law Enforcement looking for the latest training and techniques, or a parent wanting to learn how to better protect your family. Not only will you learn how to effectively deploy and utilize your rifle, you will also learn the physiological and psychological aspects of an armed conflict. By the end of this course the student will be able quickly and accurately engage targets, effectively utilize and understand cover/concealment, and be exposed to long range and close quarter shooting techniques, one handed shooting, effective transition to sidearm, and firing under stress.

Subjects covered in this class include:

  • Review of the fundamentals of marksmanship.
  • Techniques to maximize efficiency and accuracy while shooting on the move
  • Alternate and unconventional shooting positions
  • Engaging multiple/moving targets
  • One handed shooting and malfunction clearance
  • Transition from rifle to handgun
  • Firing under stress
  • Threat assessment and avoidance
  • Situational awareness and the combat mindset
  • Physiological and psychological aspects of an armed conflict
  • Required Gear:

    • Serviceable Rifle (AR15 or AK 47 preferred)
    • 6-8 magazines minimum
    • 1000 rounds of ammunition
    • Functional sling
    • Serviceable Handgun (semi auto and/or revolver)
    • 2-3 magazines
    • 100 rounds of ammunition
    • A proper holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters without prior approval)
    • Weather appropriate clothing

    Optional Gear:

  • Magazine pouch
  • Knee and/or elbow pads
  • Water bottle, bladder or other
  • Additional ammunition and or magazines

    5 Day Course
    $250 Per Day
    3 Day Course $300 Per Day
    1 Day Course $350 

    Prerequisites: Defensive Carbine II or relevant training or recognizable experience


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