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Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics

This course is designed to build upon the shooters previous learned skills and put them way beyond basic CHL course understanding. This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced level of shooter.  The time spent will be completely on the range and will enhance the student’s knowledge of the tactics of concealed carry and increase their comfortability and skill level.


Subjects covered in this class include:

  • Firearm safety
  • Modes of carrying a concealed firearm
  • Drawing from concealment from multiple positions (i.e. standing, seated, etc.)
  • Shooting from concealment
  • Discussion of the difference between hard and soft cover.
  • Using hard and soft cover
  • Shooting and moving
  • Advanced close quarters shooting techniques
  • Single handed shooting techniques
  • Ambidextrous Shooting Techniques
  • Point Shooting vs. Precision Shooting


Required Gear

  • Serviceable handgun (semi-auto, revolver, and/or derringer)
  • Concealment holster (no cross draw or shoulder holster without prior approval)
  • 4-6 magazines (speed loaders suggested)
  • 250-350 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing


Optional Gear

  • Magazine pouch
  • Knee and/or elbow pads
  • Water Bottle, Bladder or other
  • Extra ammunition and magazines


Cost:  $124.95

Length: 6 hours

Member Discount 25% 

Law Enforcement Discount 30%


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