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Andrew Clough

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Martial Artist - Instructor Profile

Andrew is the founder of BOONDOCK SURVIVAL, LLC and CKMSOUTH.  BOONDOCK SURVIVAL® organizes camps related to Combative Martial Arts and Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD), Urban and Primitive Survival, and Survival Fitness on an international level.  CKMSOUTH is a subsidiary of BOONDOCK SURVIVAL, LLC that promotes seminars and clinics related to COMMANDO KRAV MAGA (CKM), an evolved Israeli fighting system.

He has an extensive martial arts and survival background spanning over 30 years specializing in close quarters confrontations and third party protection.  Areas of focus include Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD) and Third Party Defense (TPD) using situational awareness, evade and escape tactics, confrontation and survival psychology, control and shield tactics, striking and striking defense, striking weapons defense, grappling and ground survival, gun disarming, knife and edged weapons defense/disarming, improvised weapons, urban and primitive survival, and survival fitness.

Andrew is also a sixth year member of the Combat Survival/CKM Elite Team which travels worldwide teaching, testing, and certifying new and existing instructors in the CKM system.  He represents the Combat Survival/CKM organization at the highest level and has taught in countries such as Israel, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and almost every state in the U.S.  Andrew is an instructor trainer who certifies instructors in civilian, law-enforcement, and military forms of COMMANDO KRAV MAGA (CKM).