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CQB/EDC Handgun with Frogman Tactical


Understanding the importance of the application and concepts of a Close Quarters {CQB} environment is vital to your survival in a world of ever evolving threats. 

Did you know?

The average armed conflict happens within 3-5 seconds within 3-5 yards maximum distance.

Our CQB/EDC Handgun Course is designed with the progressive student in mind. By placing the student in a dynamic environment applying contextual mechanics and tactics; students will increase their awareness level, overall accuracy, understand creating distance from the threat and proper stress management.

We create a hybrid setting on the range to address everyday carry {EDC} and close quarters objectives simultaneously.  Be prepared for an active day on the range with a wealth of knowledge and skills delivered. 

This Specialty Course is a collaborative with Patriot Outdoors & Frogman Tactical. Since 2012, our companies have joined forces to deliver unconventional reality based training for DOD personnel and civilians alike. We are very excited to be offering our combined efforts again to all who attend.

Instructors: S.Powell & J.Pike (Former US Navy SEAL)

Course Overview

  • Medical & Safety Brief
  • Shooter Analytics & Pre Eval
  • CQB Concept Application
  • EDC Drawstroke
  • Movement
  • One Handed & Off handed Manipulation
  • Creating Distance & Angles
  • Pre Drawstroke Striking
  • Multiple Threats
  • Weapon Disarming
  • Unconventional Positions and Ground Work

Required Gear

  • Serviceable Mid to Full Sized Handgun
  • Strongside Hip holster/belt  or rugged concealable (i.e. appendix, IWB)
  • Opposing Mag Pouches
  • 250rds of ammo (up to 400rds max)
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing, Brimmed Hat, Sunscreen
  • 1 Gallon of hydration & Snacks

Optional Gear

  • Elbow & Knee Pads
  • Extra Handgun or Revolver
  • Ammo
  • Long Sleeved Shirt

Course Length: 7-8hrs

Course Cost: $399.95

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